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Static WebSite

defines a site with linked pages using a font or graphics-based logo, and consisting text, and simple graphics. Sites may contain any number of pages with minimum script and HTML. Static websites results in easy downloadable images, browser compatibility and smooth navigation having eye catching graphics and interactivity.

A Static website can support your business to identify your products, services, and any other related information you want your esteemed visitors to have access to.

What is a static website?
A static website is a set of static pages which are linked together. It is an html file created and saved locally either on a computer or in a server. Each time a change is needed the html file needs to be re-opened, edited and saved.

Small companies and professionals benefit from having a static website.
Companies having small economy promoting their products and services and professionals promoting their services are among the beneficiaries from having a static website. Any kind of business with a small set of products or services can get tremendous help from it.

We use the present and the best of technologies and coding standards enabling that the prime audience can access your website (including screen readers and other browsers). This is our specialty which separates us away from others. The most Unique concept, professional image, easy navigatibilty with decent look and internet marketing search engine friendliness are the prime elements we focuss at, in each and every website design that we make alive!

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